My Way-E.P. 

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2017.12.26 release.

MAT "Be Yourself"

01 TriggeR2
02 Be  Yourself
03 Stories







2017.09.22 release.

MAT "My Way"


01 Trigger
02 My Way
03 Other Side
04 Plainly

05 Trigger       (instrumental)

06 My Way     (instrumental)

07 Other Side (instrumental)

08 Plainly       (instrumental)


Tessei Tojo and Mashuri formed MAT in September 2017.

Mashuri (MA)debuted as an idol rap unit in 2014 .

Performing vigorously live activities nationwide, performance became a topic.
Participated albums ranked in the Oricon chart (Most famous charts in japan) .
Activities from gene research to vocals in parallel Masuri is in charge of lyrics of MAT.

Tessei Tojo (T)Starting with the music production of the Koutei camera girl,
In addition to providing music to idols and artists,We conduct a wide range of activities such as providing websites to web advertisement videos, CMs, and TV media.

I am good at engineering such as composing, arranging, mixing, mastering and so on.


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